House Health Check

Meth Testing & Screening

We provide the solution to the problems of meth residue, through professionals who are trained in the process of correct chemical sampling.

Meth Testing for Rental Properties is a Fact of Life


House Health Check aims to provide an economical and efficient service in terms of screening a property to assess whether methamphetamine or its elements have been used or manufactured within the structure in question.

Our property meth screening results are usually available on the day the screening is carried out. These results are accompanied by a certificate of health, which states whether or not the property was certified residual methamphetamine free, as at the time of the test.

Regulations Demand

< 0 μg

per 100cm square space

Why Test for METH?

Meth Problem


Meth use in Australia has continued to rise over the years. In 2011, the country was reported to have the highest number of meth users per capita in the English speaking world. Eight years later, the population has doubled; with the number of meth labs also on the rise.

Meth Service


At affordable rates, we offer fast and discreet meth screening service. Our meth residue test is over 98% accurate with results on the same day. So we can guarantee the award of the Clean Bill of Health certificate on the day.

Meth Solution


However, if a property Is found to have residual methamphetamine. We will refer to specialist cleaning teams, who assess the degree of contamination and therefore the action required to clean the premise


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