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A home or structure that has been contaminated with the residual chemical left behind from either manufacture of ICE or use of the Drug within the building has been identified as potentially being a serious health issue for any occupant of the property.

It is notable that exposure to the residual material left behind has been cited as allegedly causing serious health issues in individuals who are unknowingly exposed, therefore any rental home or home For Sale that maybe in question should be screened , this is our opinion to ensure illness does not occur in innocent non drug users.

Properties should be screened Pre Sale and at the change of Tenancies or at any time there is doubt because of the residual effect of Methamphetamine and derivates the risk does not diminish and should be addressed as soon as possible.

If our Test has detected contamination, this would be referred to specialist cleaning teams, who would assess the degree of contamination and therefore the action required to clean the premise.

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